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I can say that 2015 was an eventful year for me.

I had some very hard times this year....most of which made life very difficult for me and my child.

But even though life was highly stressful, I kept my head up high and continued to move on ahead even though at times it felt as if the walls around me and ceiling above my head were all caving in on me, I kept on for my daughter and as with everything else that has gone on in my life up until now, it has made me even more stronger.

I've learned in 2015 that people always hide behind mask......

Mask that hide the lies that were made over a span of years and soon were slowly and surely seen by others but not by the ones that should actually have seen their lies being played upon others.

I have to admit that when I first was about to write this entry into my blog, I was honestly going to put some folks on blast.....mainly one particular person that had done me so wrong over the years even though they had also helped me become who I am today.

I have sat back and watched plenty of things in my life but to have been able to watch the disturbing calamity that erupted in front of my very eyes.

In a way, I wasn't even shocked....but I was very disgusted with how things went down and for those that ended up having their dreams dashed for a moment and are now trying their best to salvage those thoughts of begin something that in their hearts would become reality.

I think that part hit home for me big time....because it reminded me of myself and how I had first started out in this game......how rough those first steps were but eventually with the help of new found friends, I began to learn how to do things, how to make things happen as far as being an author.

I give this bit of helpful advice to those that are starting out........

DON'T get discouraged!

If you are starting out, talk with some of your favorite authors.....if they are with a publishing company, ask them how do they run things before submitting to them. If what you hear isn't your cup a tea and you want to self publish your work, then by all means ask one that self publish.

Ask the following questions.....

 Who do you go to for your covers?
 Who does your editing?
 Do you have proofreaders and are they helpful?
 How do you upload your story once it's done.?
 Where do you go to get SwAG?

These are only a small few but are important ones to ask and fellow authors, please feel comfortable about answering these and more questions​ that maybe asked to you. Because those that want to get their work out are just like us when we first started out and therefore we have to be able to be there for those that need the helpful advice that often at times we never were given when we started out.


I don't normally make resolutions because deep down I know that I will never keep them but I do want to say that I plan on making 2016 WAY MORE BETTER than how things have been for me and my kid so far.

I hope that things will be better.....

I hope to not be as stressed.....

I hope that others who have had to deal with so much in their lives, will be able to accomplish their goals in the new year.....

And most importantly.....

I hope to have a vacation this coming year,lmao......lord knows I need it BADLY!


<![CDATA[Welcome Back......]]>Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:49:11 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/welcome-back

I want to say thanks to those that are reading this post because it's been a long time coming.

As you know, a couple of years back I had decided to start up a blog to where I showcased authors. It was going pretty good and I must admit was very popular.

But like most things, it eventually had to end. Mainly for me it was due to the fact that I had gotten side tracked with my work and was too busy with that.

So I am making this announcement to let everyone know that the BLOG IS BACK!

NOW.....mind you this time around things will be different and still somewhat the same.

I will not only be having Authors showcased on my blog, BUT I will also be having the following on my blog:

Those who make Swag
Cover Artist/Photographers
Those who are doing a blog tour

So if you are an author who would like to have everyone know about your latest release

Or if you are a reader who would like for other authors to know what they like to read

Or if you make bookmarks, jewelry that most of us authors would give out for our contest as SWAG

Or if you are a Cover Artist/Photographer who would like to showcase what you do as far as covers, pictures of models, etc.

Or if you are doing a blog tour and you need a blog to be on.....

Then this is the place for you!

I will taking interviews starting today for everyone who would like to be involved and I would so appreciate it if Readers will be involved because without your input, us Authors wouldn't know what you like, so please do join in as far as doing a interview with me.

I will start the blog on April 13th which is on a Monday and I will be taking interviews for the months of the remaining part of April, May, and June.

So message me either on Facebook or at my email which is jamallahbergman73@gmail.com

Also please feel free to share this info for others that might want to get their work out too.

Let's make this year a good year for EVERYONE!
<![CDATA[New Cover for The Solider & The Writer]]>Sat, 07 Mar 2015 23:30:26 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/new-cover-for-the-solider-the-writer
 I want to thank Leanore Elliott for making this beautiful cover for another release, which I hope will be out by tomorrow.

The name of the story is "The Soldier and The Writer". It's my 1st military story, even though its a short one. But it's another beautifully done story and the cover is simply just as beautiful.

Here is the Blurb:

As a romance author, Ione Finn has been making people fall in love with heroes for years. She never imagined she'd make a real life hero fall in love with her.

Wounded soldier, Sgt. Mark Phillips, has one bright spot in his long recovery, the letters he receives from Ione.

What begins as a friendship between pen pals quickly grows into so much more, and when Mark finally goes home, he's eager to turn their long distance romance into a long and lasting love.

Be on the lookout for this story hopefully tomorrow which will only be 99 cents.

<![CDATA[Trailer for The Lady of Gladstone Manor]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 15:43:16 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/trailer-for-the-lady-of-gladstone-manorI want to thank my good friend and fellow author Taabia Dupree for making this trailer for my next upcoming re-release "The Lady of Gladstone Manor". She did such a beautiful job with it and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Please take a look at the trailer for The Lady of Gladstone Manor by clicking the picture of the Sunflowers, which happens to be Brooke, the heroine of my book, favorite flower and please feel free to share too!

<![CDATA[New Cover and Plenty of New Things for the Lady]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 15:35:49 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/new-cover-and-plenty-of-new-things-for-the-lady
My 2nd book that I had published back in 2012 was this sweet and charming story called The Lady of Gladstone Manor

I decided to take the childhood story of "The Beauty and the Beast" and change it up a bit to where the lady in the story wasn't the 'Beauty' BUT she was actually sort of like the "Beast", to where she has had to shelter herself from a world that she feels might not be able to handle her affliction.

Well, the other month, I got the rights back for this story and after re-reading it over, I decided to take some time and do a MAJOR OVERHAUL on this book..

There were plenty of things missing out of the book and it made me realize some things that I knew needed to have been added but never was.


I will tell you that PLENTY will be made known about Brooke and her past as well as Jackson and how he plays a role in her life.

Along with the story getting a major overhaul, I also present to you the new cover to this amazing book, which I have to say I love very much.

Be on the look out for the re-release of The Lady of Gladstone Manor this month!
<![CDATA[Romance Novel Convention June 24-28]]>Thu, 29 Jan 2015 15:42:14 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/romance-novel-convention-june-24-28
Convention time is upon us.

And for everyone that frequently attends a convention, you look forward to meeting old friends while making plenty of new ones too.

Also you get the chance to rub elbows with some of your favorite authors while also getting the chance to meet with some others that you might not have heard of who might end up being on your TBR List of Authors you want to read their books.

Plus you get to learn more about the business of being an Author and get pointers from those that are in the business. This goes good for those that want to be an Author but would love to know more about what it takes to become one.

Did I forget to mention the fact that you will also get to hug up on some HAWT models from some of the books that you read?

Well this year in Las Vegas, Jimmy Thomas will be bringing it back again but this time in a new place with PLENTY MORE TO BE DONE!

The Romance Novel Convention will be held this year at Harrah's Casino Hotel in amazing Las Vegas June 24-28 right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip!

This year's convention will prove to be FANTASTIC as well as AMAZING!!

Last year yours truly had planned on going to RNC. I was very excited because I had planned on signing some of my books for the 1st time during the book fair and all.

But sometimes LIFE tends to throw you a curveball when you are trying to make a home run.

And this is what happened to me last year.....I started to swing and ended up striking out BADLY.

I know that plenty of my friends and fans have been wanting to meet with me at this year's RNC and I can say that I am hoping to get the chance to go this year. Last year was not a good one for yours truly and, even though, this year is young, its been touch and go so far.

But thanks to Jimmy, who always looks out for others, I might get the chance to go this year but of course there is just a bit of help is needed (and no,LOL,it's not me asking for money.

IF you are attending RNC for the VERY FIRST TIME, when you sign up for registration and all, you can go and say that someone referred you ( i.e. ME).

I hope to get enough referrals to be able to attend this year and hopefully be able to be a part of the Bookfair as well.

So if you plan on going and you have never been to RNC OR if you are bringing a friend of yours who wants to go and this will be their FIRST TIME going to RNC this year, please have them refer me Jamallah Bergman as the person who told them about this year's ultimate affair.

To check out the site itself, just click on the photo above to see about the great payment plans that are available as well as what all will be going on as far as.....

Which of your favorite authors will be attending?

What will be in store for those that do attend?

What will you get to do while in Vegas along the strip?

Make sure you come and join the fun this year and I do hope to see you in Vegas!
<![CDATA[A Time For Change For The New Year]]>Thu, 01 Jan 2015 17:25:05 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/a-time-for-change-for-the-new-year
Well a New Year is upon us and with that a time for reflecting on what will happen to make the New Year a better one.

It has really made me REFLECT on a lot of things that has not only gone on in my professional life, things that I never ever would have thought I would have happen with me.

Sometimes these were things that I would let just slide on and for doing that, it has affected my work GREATLY and not in a good way neither.

So after thinking it over, I have decided that 2014 will be the last year that I will be publishing for Secret Cravings Publishing.

Even though I am departing from SCP, I can say that they have taught me many things that will further my journey forward as a writer. 
Not all good things come from experiences, especially those for which I have gone through but from what I have learned, it will take me forward.

I will keep everyone informed because as I said 2015 is going to be a NEW YEAR and NEW THINGS will be happening soon.

<![CDATA[Check this out and share please.....]]>Mon, 08 Dec 2014 14:23:55 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/check-this-out-and-share-please
Well ladies and gentleman the time is coming up soon.

Only about 6 or 7 more months before the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas will be coming for the summer.

Next year is going to be action packed with plenty to do not only at the convention itself BUT as well as what will be happening at night since this year it will be held at the Harrah's Hotel and Casino which is going to be right near where everything will be happening in Las Vegas.

Well next year's convention will not only be exciting BUT Jimmy Thomas is going to be giving folks a very big chance. for those that might not be able to afford the chance to go BUT wants to go badly.

This year I didn't get the chance to go, even though I had already gotten my room and everything, I had been waiting on some money to go through so that way I could get my ticket up. 

But that never did happen and I was greatly disappointed and heartbroken that I didn't get the chance this year to go.

Well I was really surprised and excited to find out that Jimmy is going to be able to help those who might not have the chance to be able to go.........

And here is how it can be done.........


If you have never EVER been to RNC and you sign up for registration and all.....make sure that you put that I referred you to the page itself.

THAT'S IT!  That's is ALL you have to do is just make sure to let them know that Jamallah Bergman referred you to the page during your registration.

For every 3 people I refer that attend RNConvention 2015 (these are those that have NEVER EVER BEEN to an RNConvention before), RNC will provide a free RNConvention 2015 registration, meals and hotel stay package


For every 6 people I refer that attend RNConvention 2015 (these are those that have NEVER EVER BEEN to an RNConvention before), RNC will provide a free RNConvention 2015 registration, meals, and hotel stay package AS WELL AS YOUR ROUND TRIP,CONTINENTAL US AIRFARE TO LAS VEGAS

It's as easy and simple as that......

I honestly say that with everything that has been going on as of late, I really would love to go next year plus there are things that I've been wanting to try and do that I didn't get to do this year such as be part of the book fair as well as some other things that I wanted to be a part of.

SO.....if you haven't had the chance to be a part of this years RNConvention and would like to be a part of next year's......and you'd like to help me out.....make sure you refer me 'Jamallah Bergman' when you do go and register yourself for the best fun to be had in Vegas.


Check out the website today by clicking on the banner above and it will take you directly there!

Romance Novel Convention
June 24-24 2015

<![CDATA[Look Whose Been A Busy Bee]]>Sat, 25 Oct 2014 04:18:06 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/look-whose-been-a-busy-beeWell yours truly has been a very busy person.

I do have a surprise to show and I hope you will enjoy them BOTH.....

Yeah I said both meaning TWO surprises.


I had been working with my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing on a IR Anthology called "Love in Black & White" along with some equally amazing IR Authors from the company.

Here are the ladies who have contributed towards the books in this Anthology

Sam Crescent
Stacy Deanne
Lena Hart
Mahalia Levey
Alela Marsh
Roxy Wilson

The book will be available on December 2014

Here is the cover
Also here is my 2ND SURPRISE

I will be putting out a series over the next couple of months.....the name of the series will be called "Sweet Treat Series"

The name of the 1st book in the series is called "Whip Cream Dreams"

There will be six book in total in this series and I am having a contest that is going to be posted on my author page....so make sure you post your answers to the question.

The prize for the best answer will be the following:

You will have the story dedicated to you

You will be named a character in the story itself

If the story does go into paperback, you will get a signed autograph copy of the book itself.

Make sure to stop by my Author page, which you will be pinned at the following link:


Take a look at the cover here......its simply DIVINE!

The cover model to this amazing cover is none other than Grigoris Drakakis who you can find more of his amazing photos at the following link:


He has graced many covers from many authors and has an array of photos of all kinds.

Also I want to thank Anya Kelleye who designed this beautiful cover and will be designing all of the covers for this series.

You can find her website for those that want to get her to do your covers at the following link:


As well as her Facebook Page:

This book will be available November 2014

<![CDATA[Well The Wait Is Over......]]>Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:43:23 GMThttp://jamallahbergmansstoriesoflove.weebly.com/my-thoughts/well-the-wait-is-over
Well the wait is over my friends.....

It looks like Jimmy Thomas has really outdone himself for next years Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas.

Check out all that will be happening next year:

RNConvention 2015 registration to OPEN November 1st!
MANY NEW THINGS for RNConvention 2015!
- RNC has contracted the next 3 RNConventions! (dates posted)
- All meals included & CATERED each day/night in convention hall!
- Total RNConvention costs to attendees will be LESS than 2014!
- Convention hall layout is so much better & BIGGER than 2014!
- There will be an RNConvention LOUNGE area open each day!
- SIX class rooms instead of the five classrooms in 2014!
- Event & Book Fair room is TWICE the size of 2014!
- Doors to event & classrooms can ALL be seen from RNC Lounge!
- The RNC Book Fair will be FREE to enter and open to the public.
- Right outside is the LINQ - Las Vegas' new shopping & entertainment area!
- A few minutes walk through the LINQ is the 'High Roller Observation Wheel'!
- There are 8 other conventions in Las Vegas during RNC2015, with a total of 43,000 attendees;THAT many more people to attend the RNC Book Fair!
- Average temperature in Las Vegas that week will be 90°/day, 76°/night!
- There are 14 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the hotel!
- RNC guests will stay in same tower as convention hall elevator!
- Internet is FREE in all the guest rooms each day/night!
- Additional nights booked through RNC will only be in the $20's each night per person for two attendees to a room, or in the $50's for one attendee to a room (INCLUDING resort fee & taxes).
- Big name authors will get VIP treatment, including roundtrip LIMO rides from/to airport/hotel!
- A list of "RNConvention Managers" will be posted on the RNConvention website to show attendees who is responsible for what, to direct any questions to!
- AND THE KICKER NEWS... Friday night will not be a "Sit there and watch others win awards for many hours while you are on your cell phones checking your emails, tweeting, or surfing the web". Instead, it will be... "A Night in Vegas, on RNC!"... Each year RNConvention attendees are notified of all the things there are to do and see while they are in Las Vegas. However, attendees are in classes each day, and at RNC events each night. So, on Friday night, RNC will offer various choices of things to do and see in Las Vegas that RNC will pay for, including roundtrip transportation. Or, attendees can choose to stay in and watch the RNCinema movie playing that evening!

Make sure you check the website for updates because there are still some changes that will be done on the website.

I do hope to make it next year since I didn't get the chance to go this year because it looks like it's going to be so much fun!